Made It Pretty Or At Least Useful

I forgot to tell you what I decided about my bakers rack. At least for now.

I got some really good ideas on the post where I asked for design help but they weren’t quite right. For instance, wine glasses and decorative bottles would be lovely, but sometimes our nest isn’t empty and I’d worry that they’d break. But mostly I’d worry that I’d have to dust.

Placing my cookbooks there is an excellent idea, except that my cookbooks are either freakishly ugly or freakishly embarrassing. (Deep-Fry Cookery? The Peanut Butter Diet? The Dumpling Cookbook? I’m truly ashamed. And hungry.)

I’m a whimsical gal, so I was intrigued by using Barbies to stage the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. It had great potential, but my Barbie is missing a leg and the closest I could get to Shakesperian garb was her stewardess outfit. Besides, my hubbie won’t let me play with his GI Joe. (Note above comment about Barbie’s missing leg.)

So I settled on this …

The two wooden dealibobs up top are gifts from my sons … the vase from Guam, the mug from Okinawa. The fruit basket is new and I dropped one of my red bowls in it for the big stuff, but the small or squishy stuff ”” tangerines, heads of garlic, kiwis, avocados ”” fits in the basket on the rack. The digital frame runs day and night, and the placemat is one that my mother-in-law had when they lived in Africa.

The stained-glass heart was also a gift, and the bottle opener is, um, self-explanatory. The empty hooks remain because, well, I’m lazy that way.

So, functional and decorative and that’s how it will remain until I either get some prettier cookbooks or until Barbie grows her leg back.

What do you think? You likey?

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  1. Thanks, Gretchen, although I still feel remorse about my woeful lack of a Shakespearian Barbie tableau.

    And that’s good, DeAnna, because now I can pretend I’m not ashamed by my cookbooks. Whew. Crossing that off my To Do list now …..

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