Things I never get right on the first try

  • which direction the USB plugs in
  • how to spell ryth—riththm—rhythym—rhythm 
  • the proper remote for DVDs
  • Epitaph vs Epithet
  • Bob Seger vs Pete Seeger
  • Parsnips vs Rutabagas
  • Odin vs Ovid
  • Aver vs Avow
  • which car is mine in the grocery store lot
  • which button opens my trunk

What about you? Anything make you work twice to get right?

10 thoughts on “Things I never get right on the first try”

  1. I have a 50/50 chance of plugging a usb in correctly on the first try…but yet I don’t get it until the 3rd try. Go figure

  2. I went to the grocery store the other day. Parked my little green Subaru Forester waaaayyyyy out in the back of the parking lot (I need the exercise). When I came out, there were FOUR of them – all the same year, paint color, IDENTICAL. I’m glad I have personalized license plates … and even THEY say it’s KMPLK8D!

    1. Kelli that is awesome! It’s totally KMPLK8D, and I have the same problem with my husband’s SUV. Even as I type this, I have no idea what it is and he’s had it for at least two years, and probably seventeen. It’s silver and looks like every other SUV on the planet. Whenever we take it I have to trail along behind him in the parking lot so I don’t hop in some other car by mistake. My burden is heavy.

  3. Well, I had to write “out” and “in” on my light switch by my front door. I had to tape the light switch “on” for the one that controlled my reading lamp. I have more….,

  4. Tracy X Hartman

    I have two pills that control a certain bodily function. One makes it happen, the other shuts it off. Both have similar names and appearance. I’m fairly medically minded, but I took the wrong one once. So- on masking tape, I wrote on the bottles… “makes ya sh**” and “stops your sh**.” smh- I’m old and senile, ok?

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