Cele-what now?

You know, it’s funny.

I don’t do a lot of celebrating about accomplishments.

The night of the Colorado Author League awards—where my EIGHT WEEKS TO A COMPLETE NOVEL : WRITE FASTER, WRITE BETTER, BE MORE ORGANIZED was nominated—I was engrossed in the YouTube presentation while my husband was in the other room watching a movie or something.

After the YouTube event was over, I went out to tell him I won. He said, “Wow! That’s great … congratulations!” then I made myself some dinner and we caught up on our Loki episodes.

Mind you, this was during the pandemic. In normal times, we would have been at the awards banquet, making it a bit more special.

But other accomplishments are still pretty low-key.

When I finish a book, I tell him, “I finished a book” and he says “Awesome,” and we go about our business.

I have a friend whose husband pops champagne and takes her out to a fancy restaurant every time she finishes a book (and she’s crazy prolific!), and another one whose husband bought her a freakin’ CAR!

I dunno. Maybe I should celebrate somewhere in between the two extremes.

What do you think I should do to celebrate releases and other book-complishments? How do you celebrate your successes?

2 thoughts on “Cele-what now?”

  1. We ALWAYS have bubbly (doesn’t have to be expensive, either) to celebrate the milestones for a new book. Writing THE END is a huge deal for me, even though my husband likes to kindly remind me that the real work starts now. I demand bubbly!!! For full launches, we do something a little more celebratory, usually with a friend or two (a couple of my super fans live nearby). That could be dinner and more bubbly, or snacks and bubbly… the key is the BUBBLY!!!!!

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