Irritating Phrases

The other day I stumbled on a list of Top Ten Irritating Phrases, as one does when one is searching for yet another synonym for “looked.”

At the end of the day
• Fairly unique
• Hashtag blessed
• At this moment in time
• With all due respect
• I’m just being honest
• Shouldn’t of
• 24/7
• It’s not rocket science
• I could care less

I would like to add ironically and literally to the list because so many people don’t understand their meaning. And let’s go ahead and include air quotes, too. I’m not “kidding.”

While we’re at it, let’s axe underage woman—which I believe is a child—and its corollary, boys will be boys, which usually refers to men, come to think of it.

I personally is another phrase I hate because it seems like the linguistic equivalent of having toast with your pancakes. (Which I have done on occasion and for which I’m still ashamed.)

But my ultimate pet peeve word is arguably. First, coming from a large argumentative family, I learned as a wee bairn that EVERYTHING is arguable. A seemingly innocuous sentence like Abraham Lincoln was arguably the best President makes me sputter in fourteen different directions, none of which have to do with history. Why can’t they say “I think Abraham Lincoln was the best president, “ or “Abraham Lincoln was the best prez because he wore that awesome hat” or even the weaselly “Many people think Abraham Lincoln was the best president”?

But at the end of the day, I personally am fairly unique in thinking this. With all due respect to Lincoln scholars, it’s literally a nightmare to be subjected to “history” 24/7. After all, it’s not rocket science.

Oh, I probably shouldn’t of said that, but I could care less. I’m just being honest.

What’s your numero uno irritating phrase?

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