November is typically the time we talk about the things we’re thankful for and there are so many good ones! Obviously, I’m thankful for friends, family, readers, good health, Nala, fried chicken, chocolate cake—not necessarily in that order—and all the things that I tend to take for granted much too easily.

But that’s true every year. This time I decided to dig a bit deeper.

I’m especially thankful lately for The Helpers, as Mr Rogers called them. In this uncertain brink we find ourselves teetering on—politically, economically, medically—every day I find people who are helping in so many ways that are obvious, but probably many more that are hidden.

There’s a guy I like on my local newscast who offers me a lot of calm perspective about current events. He’s funny and smart and he makes me feel like everything might be okay. Maybe not today, but eventually. My son the paramedic rushes into situations without a thought that it might be dangerous. My daughter-in-law is a pediatric surgical nurse, offering medical expertise as well as comfort to families. My son and daughter-in-law who raised their hands and said, “We can!” when society asked for help raising foster children who’ve already been dealt such a bad hand in their young lives.

Good people who stand up to evil. Strong people who fight for the underdogs across the world. Brave people who seek truth and expose lies. Talented people who continue to create beauty and entertainment. Funny people who can find humor when we need it the most.

There is magnificence and goodness all around us, no matter how dark things seem. I’m thankful for those people who raise up their lanterns and bring us all into their light.

Who are The Helpers you’re thankful for?

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