Cozy Mystery Crew Word Search Puzzles

You’re in the right place if you want to do some word search puzzles!

If you’ve mysteriously stumbled upon this post, and you enjoy reading cozy mysteries, you should really do yourself a favor and join the Cozy Mystery Crew over on Facebook. There are twelve of us mystery authors and we do scads of fun stuff every day. We’re in the middle of a Mystery Advent Calendar where we’re posting the first chapter of our books for you to read.

If you’ve never visited my website before, you probably want to take the opportunity to click around. I think there’s plenty to amuse you. Learn my favorite words. Argue with me about my least favorite foods. Grab your free Becky Clark Starter Kit. See who the main characters from my Sugar Mill Marketplace series are based on. (Is that how you pictured them?)

But if you only want to do word searches, I guess that’s okay too. *sighs melodramatically*

You can download each of these puzzles to your desktop and print them out to work on. When you finish, tell me if you found your name. I’ll make a list of everyone I ran out of room for and make a new puzzle. I tried to get as many of our Cozy Mystery Crew participants in these puzzles, but if I missed your name—there’s a lot of you!!— I still have a gift for you!

POLICE NAVIDAD is Book #4 of my Mystery Writer’s Mysteries series, and my only Christmas book, if memory serves. (Don’t judge me!) And DECEMBER 4TH ONLYbecause it’s the Cozy Mystery Crew Holiday Extravaganza— I’m putting it on sale for 99c on Amazon. Click the cover to zip over there, snag yourself a copy, then come back and download your word search puzzles.

Here are your four word search puzzles! Enjoy!

Some of Becky’s Favorite Peeps #1

Some of Becky’s Favorite Peeps #2

Some of Becky’s Favorite Peeps #3

Some of Becky’s Favorite Peeps #4

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