Thanksgiving Limericks

At our house, we’re not always entertained simply by turkey, 3 kinds of pie and football on Thanksgiving. So we’ve been known to have ping pong tournaments, Inappropriate Joke contests, and Board Game Extravaganzas. One year we took turns hiding the potatoes from Mom. That was fun.

And once we had a limerick contest.

By Wes

There once was a turkey named Russell.
On Thanksgiving he got in a tussle.
He attempted to flee
But was nabbed by the end of his bustle.

My Brother
By Jessica

My brother is quite unafraid
Of taking up rake and a spade
To work in the yard
And pretend to work hard
But mostly he sits in the shade.

By Jessica

A violin is a quite helpful means
To communicating, so it seems.
If I use it instead
To batter your head
I can tell what you say by your screams.

Thanksgiving Tournament
By Becky and Adam

(Please note that it took two – TWO – poets to cobble this one together. Surely that deserves extra points.)

There once was an orange ping pong ball
Who thought that it had it all
But Jess was the champ
Wes’ eyes they got damp
In the tournament during the Fall.

Vote for your favorite. Or write one of your own.

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