Man Your Battle Stations

My son’s Navy boot camp experience is coming down to the wire ”” only about another week-and-a-half ”” so I thought this would be a good time to post some interesting boot camp video I recently found. It goes into more detail than what I’ve seen before.

Part one …


Part two …


One of the last remaining training exercises for his Division is something called Battle Stations. For 36 straight hours, the recruits use what they’ve learned so far in boot camp to solve simulated disasters, all based on actual Navy emergencies, like the attacks on the USS Cole and the USS Tripoli.

When they pass this milestone in their basic training, they get to exchange their “Recruit” caps for “Navy” caps. They’re exhausted and proud and it’s a very emotional ceremony for them.

I think my son’s Division is going through Battle Stations beginning tomorrow night, so, in his honor, here’s the Battle Stations video too.

Do you think you could do it?

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  1. These videos make it look so easy! I didn’t see any yelling or crying. Of course I could do it. I could be bad ass if I wanted to.

    1. I’d have to see your “attention face” first. But I’m very confident you were the ultimate bad ass as you watched the videos.

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