Funny Spam

It’s that time again! I get so much funny spam I feel I must share …

• NO Make $900+ a week 6Z [Honey, I no make that now!]

• Exploiting the Recession: A Mom’s Trick to Whiter Teeth [Oh, I know this one! I too had to switch to the box of white wine instead of the fancier red.]

• Well [Indeed. Or are you a spammer of few words and you’re trying to reach Lassie’s email to rescue Timmy?]

• Most infectious diseases result from either bacteria or [What?? Or WHAT?? C’mon, help a germaphobe out! Ironic to get a virus about a virus, eh?]

• If you want to change your style, start with a watch [If by ”˜style’ you mean ”˜quit being late for everything’ then yes, I do want to change my style.]

• We will call you back [um … you actually emailed me. But either way, I’m good. Don’t trouble yourself.]

• Earn big money for little hours of work [Of course! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years … I’ve had it backwards! Duh.]

• Best manure for pork stalk … or unabridged … [Is this actually spam about Spam?]

• Something that will get you interested – Perfect Gift! [Will Mr Clooney be sporting a red bow around his neck?]

More tomorrow!

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