Wait. What?

I had fourteen spam messages held on my blog today. Twelve of them were in Russian and one was in French. But this one, though in English, was far more cryptic and thought-provoking than the others:

“Good afternoon! We think Germany should reward us fans with more motivation to win!”

What about you? Do you think German fans should be rewarded with more motivation to win?

5 thoughts on “Wait. What?”

  1. Hahahaha – now the light dawns – but the question is – how would they reward us with motivation? By sucking more?

  2. I don’t know. They capitalized ‘Germany’ just fine. I think it’s a leap to assume “U. S.” Maybe it’s even a leap to assume they want us to have a good afternoon. One thing is crystal clear, though … all of Germany’s rewards are belong to me. George can keep the ships.

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