The Wind of Your Weakness

On NPR I heard a guy say, “Turn into the wind of your weakness.”

I don’t know the topic or the context of the conversation, but that phrase stuck with me all afternoon.

I began an informal list of my personal weaknesses: lazy, stubborn, impatient, demanding, blah, blah, blah, can’t finish a list of my personal weaknesses.

So I thought about my professional weaknesses. Those seem likelier to be turned into the wind of, anyhoo. The paper and pen were waaaay over there, though, so I mentally listed them ”” demanding impatiently that I just get it DONE, already. They all seemed to boil down to this:

Trying to do too much.

So how, I asked myself, do I turn into the wind of that? It’s not acceptable to me to do less because I love everything I do. I know what I’d tell the participants in my Time Management seminars to do ”” prioritize, baby!

But I know I already do the important stuff first … you know, that which makes me money. And then it hit me ”” trying to do too much isn’t a weakness.

Not attempting to do it all would be the weakness.

Thinking about it, though, it’s kind of a drag because now I have to turn into the wind of that lazy thing. But I figured it could wait while I checked Facebook.

It was not the diversion I thought it would be because one of my friends had posted this: “The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek.” Now it seems I must steer the wind of my weakness right into the cave I fear.

Luckily I’m seeking a place where I can stall, er, find time to make a list of priorities. Hoist that jib, matey!

How would you turn into the wind of your weakness? Do you think that’s good advice? Is there a cave you fear? Are you seeking metaphorical treasure?

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