Mile High Flea Market

A treasure trove of weirdness and kitsch lives year-round at the Mile High Flea Market in Denver. Treasure. Trove. Here are some of my recent finds.

I didn’t see a single if or and. Only these …

plenty of buts

I always thought alligator boots were called that because of what they were made of, not because they were shaped like alligators. I also never knew alligators came in such dazzling colors. I learn new things every day. I’m like a sponge.

pointy toes

I saw the ugliest baby in the world. Sadly, he was abandoned.

ugly baby

Some people are too literal for their own good.


“Mom, the lamp ran away again. And it’s shedding.”

the lamp is shedding

Favorite? Which would you like in your house?

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