Crime In The Hood Update

It seems my crime-fighting continues. Yes, I’m standing tall with hands on hips staring pensively toward the horizon.

About a week after this happened, the detective was back at my house for another photo lineup. This time, he brought two pages.

He slid a page with six photos across the table to me. None of them looked familiar at all so I wrote out a statement saying that, properly initialing and signing everything, of course.

Then he slid the second page toward me. Right off, two kids jumped out at me. Not literally, of course, but you already knew that. They looked very similar ”” same hair, same build, same features. I felt bad that I couldn’t definitively thump a photo with my finger and say, “That one.”

I just couldn’t decide between the two and finally said so. To my surprise, he said, “Great!” Turns out the detective had just come from the house of another witness who picked out the same two photos that I did.

It occurred to me that all the kids in the photos were wearing state issued orange jumpsuits. “You arrested him?”

The detective nodded. “We were able to place him at the scene and by picking him out of the photos, you and the other witness I talked to today helped solidify the ID.”

I asked about the first picture and he told me there was a third guy in the car  but they couldn’t place him at the scene. When they went to arrest one of the other kids, he was there carrying some stolen laptops!

So it seems the wheels of justice are turning pretty quickly. And it probably speeds things up when you have dumb criminals.

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