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Category: Goofy Stuff

The Birds

What compels a herd of a gazillion black birds with irridescent green necks ”” and one sparrow ”” to suddenly land in my yard? I

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If you’ve spent any time at all in BeckyLand, you’ll know I have three grown kids. The oldest, my beautiful and exceptionally talented writerdaughter (yes,

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The Squirrel Days of Summer

Ahh. Summertime. When the whole world wants to bellyflop someplace cool and quiet. Like my deck, for instance. What is your favorite way to spend

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Wait. What?

I had fourteen spam messages held on my blog today. Twelve of them were in Russian and one was in French. But this one, though

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World Turtle Day

Today is World Turtle Day, not to be confused with National Turtle Day or Bring Your Turtle to Work Day. I have three stories about

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Police Blotter

The crime and the crime reporting in this town cracks me up! These are taken from one week’s worth of criminal behavior reported in our

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