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Category: Goofy Stuff

Police Blotter

The crime and the crime reporting in this town cracks me up! These are taken from one week’s worth of criminal behavior reported in our

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More Funny Spam

Did you see all the previously posted funny spam? And this one, Blog Spam – It’s Not Just For Sandwiches? How ’bout this one? And

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Funny Spam

It’s that time again! I get so much funny spam I feel I must share … • NO Make $900+ a week 6Z [Honey, I

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A Baker’s Dozen

My mom made me laugh the other day. Don’t get me wrong, she makes me laugh a lot, but on this particular day she told

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Stupid Stuff In The News

So I’m reading the newspaper this morning. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s one of those oversized pieces of paper with words printed on them. They have

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